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Missa Leeanae Volitili, 2011                                                   
Congregational singing and computer                                      
St Mark’s Episcopal Church, Washington DC
6 minutes

On the Verge, 2010
Flute, piano and computer                                                                               
Verge Ensemble,
Corocoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC 
8 minutes

Creekspeak, 2007        
Using interactive sound technology created by composer Scott Smallwood
City Dance, Washington, DC
9 minutes

Incandescent Mysteries, 2006
Narrator, soprano, flute, oboe, 2 percussion,  piano,  synthsizer, hammer dulcimer, violin, cello, computer, conducted by Joel Lazar
commissioned by Lynne Horning for of Joseph Horning’s 75th birthday
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Washington, DC
25 minutes

River of Wonder and Sorrow, 2005
Piano andcello
Composed for Vasily Popov Ralitza Patcheva,                                                                     
11 minutes  


Drifting Melismas, 2005                                  
Percussion duo                                                
composed for Leon and Khoja-Eynatyan and his daughter Tatevik
Atlas Arts Center, Washington, DC
4 minutes

There is Only the Dance, 2005
Oboe, percussion, and piano                           
Levine School of Music, Washington, DC
10 minutes

Memorial Montage, 2005        
Cello and piano                                                                          
The Forgotten War Concert, based on sculptures from the Korean War Memorial
Catholic University of America, Washington, DC
1 minute

Cantus stellae, 2004 
Piano, organ and computer                                                                    
Organist Keith Reas     
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
3 minutes

A Critical Mass, 2004, 1989, 1986                                                                  
Narrator, chorus, tape,  and chamber ensemble
Texts by Thomas Merton and Walt Whitman, 
2005 Conducted by Joel Lazar, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Washington, DC
1989, 1986, Music of the Spheres, Washington, DC
60 minutes

Creek Bells Frozen in Mourning, 2004                                                                        
Piano and computer
Memorial service for Jean Sanford Hill at Holton Arms School, Washington, DC
5 minutes

Summer Arrives Like a Carillon on the Incoming Tide, 2003                                      
Piano and computer, 
Current Jam Salon, Fete de la musique, Washington, DC
10 minutes

Rites of Passage,  2003
Narrator and chamber ensemble          
Text by acclaimed naturalist John Hay
Music of the Spheres
Opening of the Diehn Fine and Performing Arts Library
Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA
60 minutes

River Time, 2002
Chorus, children’s chorus, flute, harp and percussion                                     
Text by William Styron from Lie Down in Darkness
Alexandria Choral Society, Alexandria, VA
Published by Arsis Press
8 minutes

River Tree, 2002
violin and piano                                                                                                           
Contemporary Music Forum, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
10 minutes

Light Possessed,  2002
Pierrot ensemble,                                                                                 
Text by Alan Cheuse
Contemporary Music Forum, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
10 minutes

Moving Pictures, 2002
Solo piano                                                                                           
1st movement performed by Laurie Hudicek 
Contemporary Music Forum, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
12 minutes

Three Part Invention: Women, War and the Piano, 2002
Piano, tape and dancer                         
performed by choreograhper/dancer Kris O’Shee
Dance Place, Washington, DC
30 minutes

Moon Resplendent Tide, 2000
Brass quintet                                                                  
composed for and performed by Monumental Brass 
Levine School of Music, Washington, DC
5 minutes

Dream Sequence, 2000
4 vocal soloists, 9 instrumental soloists,                                  
childrens chorus and chamber orchestra
Levine School of Music, Washington, DC       
40 minutes

Eve, 1997
Flute and piano,                                                                                                  
Composed for mother and daughter Eva Pierrou and Elivi Varga,
Levine School of Music, Washington, DC
Goucher College, Baltimore, MD         
4 minutes

Bridge Lights, 1996
Flute, cello and piano,                                                                
No Noise Reduction, Levine School of Music, Wahington DC
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Washington, DC
Contemporary Music Forum, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC 
Hampton University, Hampton, VA
12 minutes

Summer Is,1995           
Flute and organ,                                                                                       
Linda Marianinello, flute, and Keith Reas, organ
Washington, DC and New York, NY  
Recorded by them on Musician Showcase in 2002,     
Broadcast on Pipe Dreams, 2009
7 minutes

Take the Wings to the Uttermost Parts of the Sea, 1994,
Solo cello,                                            
Performed by Lori Barnet 
American Composers Series, Strathmore Hall, Bethesda, MD
6 minutes

Morning Wings, 1995
Chorus and cello,                                                                                                 
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Washington, DC
6 minutes

Ancient Odes and Epitaths, 1993
Flute and percussion                                                       
Incidental music for Iphigenia at Aulos 
Georgetown Classical Theater of Georgetown University, Washington, DC
18 minutes

Turns and Nocturnes,  1993
Solo piano                                                                               
Performed by Don Freund, Frank Conlon and Nanette Shannon Butler          
18 minutes

SummerVerses: The Book of Ruth, 1992
soprano, mezzo, tenor, women’s choir and chamber ensemble
Conducted by Joel Lazar
Mary Baldwin College, Staunton VA,  in honor of their Sesquicentennial
Published by Arsis Press
90 minutes

Broad Reach, 1991
Soprano, 2 flutes, percussion/tabla, koto, harp and string orchestra         
National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC
12 minutes

The Birth of Light, 1989
2 trumpets, piano and percussion                                                 
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Washington, DC
6 minutes

Spirituals, 1985
Flute, piano and percussion                                                          
Composed for the struggle to end apartheid in South Africa
Music of the Spheres, Washington, DC
15 minutes

Tidal Watch, 1983
Flute,violin and percussion                                              
Contemporary Music Forum, Virginia Museum, Richmond, VA
12 minutes


Filigrane, 1982
Pierrot ensemble instruments
Anthony Stark, John Daverio 
Boston, MA, Washington, DC and Richmond, VA
10 minutes

Pegasus, 1982 
Solo Flute                                                                                                
Composed for and premiered by Katherine Hay, Goucher College, Baltimore, MD
Also performed by Renee Seibert and Bonnie Lake,  
Published by Arsis Press
6 minutes

Nursury Rhymes, 1980
Soprano, flute, piano and percussion                                                      
Texts by Beatrix Potter
Contemporary Music Forum Corcoran Gallery, Washington, DC
Broadcast on WETA (PBS)
10 minutes

Elegy in the Form of a Dream, 1975                                                      
Peabody Contemporary Chamber Ensemble, Baltimore,MD
Contemporary Music Forum, Washington, DC
Published by Arsis Press
12 minutes

Lotus Land: Virginia, 1974                                                                                              
Texts by Diana Collingwood, winner in the Elizabeth Firestone Willis
Competition for Competition, National Society of Arts and Letter, 1976
20 minutes

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